Participating Booths

Booths for the Yoyogi Park event space have been decided!

If you don’t plan to walk in the parade, why not enjoy the various booths on offer at the main event space in Yoyogi Park?

We’ll have a wide variety of booths on display at Yoyogi Park, not only organizations and businesses but foreign embassies and government tourism bureaus. Please stop by!

There will also be catering stalls in the booth area where you get meals. If you get hungry from looking around the booths, grab something to eat from catering!

Organization and Business Booths (in no particular order)

EYE's Communication

Eye’s Communication is the first, and still only, sign language group supporting LGBT people. Those who can hear and those who cannot, feel free to come along ♪

Asia Africa Alliance

Asia Africa Alliance is a group supporting Asian, Arab, and African women, as well as the LGBT community and will be selling items such as Palestine olive oil and works by film director Sachi Hamano.

Alfa Romeo

We will have a display of two Alfa Romeo cars, with the opportunity to take portrait photos of you “expressing yourself” and introduce our activities supporting the LGBT community.

Valenty Wedding

This is a booth where, along with a professional bridal team, you can experience getting married. Won’t you try putting on wedding clothes and taking a picture? We have both dresses and tuxedos ready for you.


This is a booth selling original LGBT T-shirts and other goods, made by the fun-loving couple living in Apartment 406. Please come along!

NSM48 (Nagoya Sexual Minority)

NSM48 is a sexual minority group from Nagoya. Shake hands and take photos with members. We’ll also be selling goods.♪ Awake or asleep, NSM world. ★ Let us inspire you!!♡

L&G Timpani

L&G Timpani is the only store in Japan that specialises in rainbow accessories for both LGBT and their allies. Envisioning that people who wear our accessories will become happier and have confidence in being LGBT, we provide original and handmade goods!

NPO LGBT Families and Friends

We are a support group for families and friends of sexual minorities. Our community organizes ways for making the society more pleasant for LGBT people, to end prejudice and discrimination toward LGBT people, to help people recognize LGBT diversity, and to allow all people to live comfortably.


This is a group where both LGBTQs and their allies come together ヽ( ´∀`)ノ♪ We are selling candles, stickers and posters, among other items.


Google supports the diversity of all people.

Crystal Community

Won’t you come and expand your horizons by coming and learning sign language with the hearing impaired? You can come and try sign language. We will also be selling limited edition goods. You should definitely come and check it out. (^_^)v

Greenpeace Japan

Greenpeace is an organization with the policy of respecting diversity. At Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2013, we will be showing our support for diversity while promoting sustainability as a way of maintaining the oceans for the next generation.

Kobuchizawa Art Village

We will sell Keith Haring promotional items. We look forward to your interest in applying for our fun-run event “Colorful Run Kobuchizawa” on June 8th, 2013.

G-pit net works - Gender Identity Disorder Therapy - Free Consultation Booth

Come and get a tarot reading or hand massage from our FTM members! We hope that everyone feels welcome to visit our booth!!


“It’s so thin, it can’t be a condom!” Started in 2011, G Project will be displaying and selling “Inspiral S”, our new brand of condoms that will give you a new sensation.

Salon de Commune

More cheerful and less permanent than a tattoo! More charming than body painting! Come and try our “body jewelry” to wear this coming summer!

Stonewall Japan

Stonewall Japan has been providing English support for the LGBT community living in Japan, sharing resources, and organizing exciting international events all over Japan since the mid-nineties. We look forward to meeting you.

Online English School SOL (Smart Online Learning)

We offer reasonably-priced online English lessons with Filipino teachers via Skype. LGBT-friendly teachers and fun English learning! Try a live lesson at the booth. is the world’s largest petition platform. Many LGBT campaigns are succeeding through our website. Won’t you come and create change with us?

Department H

Entering its 22nd year, Department H is a club party where a wide range of LGBT people come and gather!


This is a lottery booth from TENGA! There are many luxury goods to be won! Definitely come along and have a go!

Temple University Queer and Allies Group

We are a student organization dedicated to supporting gay and lesbian students. Come visit our booth and try your luck in our drawing and other events!

Tokyo LGBT Interbank Forum

We are a community-based LGBT organization who works in the financial industry. We aim to improve the situation for LGBT people in the financial industry by supporting different cultural and community events.

Tokyo Gay Night

This is the biggest gay meet-up event in Japan held on the first Saturday of every month at Shinjuku Christon Cafe. Check out our float and booth. Day or night, let’s have fun!

Tokyo Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health

The Tokyo Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health was established to dispel the fears that Tokyo citizens have about their health. Along with discussing various food and health issues, we will be talking about methods of HIV prevention.

Tokyo Rainbow Week

Tokyo Rainbow Week 2013 is going to be held from April 27th (Sat.) to May 6th (Mon.) For more information, go to

  • At the “Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival” booth you can get advance tickets for “World Masterpiece Theater”, which will be held on April 29th.
  • At the “Nijiiro Diversity (Rainbow Diversity)” booth you can get Nijiiro Diversity supporting items. You can use them at your workplace!
  • At the “Haato O Tsunago Gakko (Heart to Heart school)” booth you can get related books and some original goods.
  • At the “NPO Peer Friends” booth you can get some information about events “for girls” and “for boys”, which are held periodically. You can apply for the event “for boys” which will be held on May 6th (Mon.)
  • At the “NPO Good Aging Yells” booth you can apply for the Colorful Run as a runner or supporter.
  • At the “Re:Bit” booth you can get original rainbow accessories for the parade♥

“Tokyo Rainbow Pride” is also a member of the executive committee of Tokyo Rainbow Week 2013.

Thomson Reuters

At the Thomson Reuters booth, LGBT-related news from all over the world will be shown through the photos and videos of Thomson Reuters journalists.

Nijigumi Fights

Released in May, “Nijigumi Fights! (2)” is now on sale. Please stop by our booth!

Japan IBM Corporation

Japan IBM actively promotes diversity. LGBT community members will present their activities.


Everyone come to Big Gym. We always welcome you with our great variety of unique goods!

Pink Dot Okinawa

Pink Dot Okinawa is an event for people wishing for a more comfortable society for LGBT. Let’s gather all together while wearing something pink.

Phillips Electronics Japan

No.1 in global sales, Phillips introduces the latest grooming gear that lets you freely decide how to feel more like yourself from head to toe.

(* According to a Philips company report on Phillips Shavers and Grooming Kits (electric type) sales over the last 11 years.)

Face and Body Painting by USAO

USAO will paint any part of your body, including your face, with any paint you like. Feel great! Make the event even more exciting! A must for the parade. Don’t miss out!

Mitsui Mutual Life Insurance PMM Service

“If my annual income is 4 million, I wonder if I could buy a 40 million house? “ “It's normal to save twenty thousand a month, right? “ We will advise you on your money matters free-of-charge.


Every one of us men was born into this world as women. We are selling lifestyle magazines for the sexy FTM (♀→♂) lifestyle.

Love Peace Club

Let’s put on a rainbow and walk! ★ We will sell rainbow bands, flags, badges, accessories, and adult toys for women! Don't miss this chance to check out some Love Peace Club goods.

Rainbow Aisle

A wedding professional will arrange your LGBT wedding. They will help you with everything, from choosing a venue to organizing the reception. Why don’t you think about holding your wedding ceremony?

Rainbow Action

We are working for LGBT people and their friends to make their everyday lives and existence visible in society. To find out more about our wide range of activities, please come to our booth!

Lauxes Japan

Starting with Nabe shirts (special undershirts designed to minimize the bust), we will sell goods to help you pass which can normally only be bought online. Please feel free to drop by our booth!

“The World Supports You” Embassy and Tourism Booths (in no particular order)

Embassy of United States of America

United States of America is taking action to spread the rights of LGBT people, not only in the U.S., but worldwide. We’ll introduce equality efforts taking place in the U.S., our support activities in Japan, and LGBT tourism and events. Please visit our booth, as our Embassy staff and volunteers will be there to welcome you.

Embassy of Israel

Our Israel booth will show how LGBT people’s lives are respected. We are opening the door to a multicultural Israel.

Embassy of United Kingdom

The London Pride is the largest in Europe. The British Government wholly supports the further development of LGBT activities in Tokyo! With the aim of a society where all people are free to happily live the life they have chosen, we send out a message of respect for human rights and understanding of diversity. Please come and visit us!

Embassy of Sweden

Sweden, a Scandinavian country in Europe, actively supports LGBT people and gender equality. We have information about events and tourism around Sweden. Please visit our booth.

Embassy of Brazil

Belgian Tourist Office Wallonia - Brussels

Brussels was one of the first countries in the world to legalize same-sex marriage and adoption. We will provide tourist information for the most gay-friendly city in the country.

Visit Flanders |Tourist Office for Flanders-Brussels, Belgium / Netherlands Board of Tourism & Convention

Belgium’s city of Flanders and the Netherlands are always a friendly place to visit. The arts, culture, fashion & design all overlap yet have their own identities. Let’s enjoy your experience to the region starting from LGBT friendly cities Antwerp and Amsterdam.

Embassy of France / Embassy of Germany

Germany and France support equal rights for LGBT people. This year is the 50th anniversary of the Elysee Treaty (Franco-German Cooperation and Friendship Treaty). Therefore Germany and France will cooperate and hold a joint booth to welcome all of you. We are looking forward to your visit!


Rani (Indian Cuisine)

Taco Derio (Organic Tacos)

Human beings live by getting their energy from two things - “respiration” and “food”. Out of these two, we at Taco Derio take our job of being involved with “food” very seriously, and we conduct our daily business with a sense of responsibility.

Anadolu Kebab (Turkish Cuisine, kebob sandwich)

Authentic Turkish cuisine. Anadolu sells donor kebabs and Turkish Ice Cream. Kitchen Car Gourmet Championship 2011 prize winner.

Drug-on Tacos (Mexican Cuisine)

Our shop name “Drug-on” is a term coined to mean “crazy about”, “hooked”, “can’t-get-enough-of,” “hot for” etc. Our Tortilla Salsas are all homemade full of love!

RIZU (Hotdog)