Please refer to the following FAQ that we often receive via email, Twitter and Facebook.

Q1 How can I participate in TRP?

Please refer to this page for registration of parade participation.

Q2 Is it possible to only watch stage performances without walking with the parade?

Of course! We are happy to welcome any of those to watch stage performances, enjoy the booths and cheer for the parade along the street! You can enjoy these things without registering. Please find the best way to enjoy TRP!

Q3 Why do we need to register to participate in the parade?

Due to the instructions from the police for traffic control, we need to count the number of participants walking behind each float and make it between 200 to 250 people for each. However, we do not ask for any of your personal information at the registration booth.

Q4 Is it possible to join in the parade after it has started?

We ask you not to do so due to the instructions from the police for following reasons:
1. Traffic control becomes difficult if the number of participants exceeds 250 for each float.
2. This parade has been designated as a special event by the Road Traffic Law. Coming and going as one pleases will make things difficult for us.
Thank you for your understanding.

Q5 Is it possible to leave the parade halfway through?

Due to the reasons in Q4, the instructions from the police request that you to remain in the parade. However, in case of becoming tired or sick, you may leave the parade at the intersections along the route. If you need to leave the parade, please notify our TRP staff along the street.

Q6 I don’t want to have any pictures of me taken.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy about this issue.

Q7 What things are there to enjoy after the end of the parade?

We have performances on the main stage in Yoyogi park for more than 3 hours after the parade. Also, there will be 48 booths by many companies, groups and embassies. Please come and enjoy the event, even if you cannot make it to the parade!

Q8 Is there any official after-party connected to Tokyo Rainbow Pride?

We are sorry, but we do not have any official after-party since we expect thousands of participants.