This year's floats are even better than last year's. Nine floats will be in the parade. J-Pop, K-pop, western music, rock, Lady Gaga . . . Which float do you like the best?

  • Registration to walk in the parade starts at 9:30. The first 250 people for each float who register will receive a ribbon to walk with their chosen float.
  • Group representatives can get ribbons for their team. When collecting the ribbons, please let us know the name and the number of your group at registration. If any ribbons are left over, we request that you please return them.
  • We offer support in Japanese, Chinese, English, Korean, and sign language.

[1] Happy Pride!

Pride is a universal term used to describe LGBT parades all around the world. Along with Happy Pride, let’s all high five and celebrate the parade!

Ribbon red


FTM GRAMMY is an event with a DJ and dancers, with FTM as the lead act. At TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE 2013, we will be putting together a float that values everybody’s identity by saying “we want to live free!” GRAMMY DJs will be putting on a club-like performance and it’s going to be hot! People all over the world will be there, unique in their sexuality. Definitely come along and enjoy this huge party. Make some noise!

Ribbon yellow
Music We will mainly play popular electro pop and electro like Lady Gaga, Avicii and Zedd! We will try our best to play the sort of tunes that everybody knows and that bring a happy atmosphere!!

[3] Nijigumi Fights

This is a float from the gay idols, Nijigumi Fights. We invite those who know and love us and those who’ve never heard of us to come sing and dance along with us and enjoy the parade!

Ribbon white

[4] All Be Friends Beyond Sexuality -"All Human Mix"-

No matter if you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or straight, we are all friends who respect each other’s individuality. Go-go dancers representing all kinds of sexualities will help us bring this parade to life.

Ribbon orange
Music Nijiiro Fights’ original songs are of course those of Morning Musume. Let’s go full throttle with idols’ tunes, starting with Hello projects’ songs!

[5] EROS

EROS is a women-only party held on the first Saturday of every month! All our wonderful staff are waiting for you at “Royal” in Kabukicho! EROS is here to support all women!

Ribbon navy
Music We’ll play tunes to the image of strong, majestic women! We’ll have some sexy ones too! Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Madonna!

[6] BUSU Party -Enjoy the BUSU-

You think that BUSU is a terrible word? Not at all! We call each other BUSU, not to hurt, but to heal. BUSU parties are nothing but fun, open events that anyone can enjoy! So everyone, come along and enjoy being BUSU with us!

Ribbon pink
Music All J-Pop setlist! We’ll feature loads of uplifting, cheerful tunes. ayumi hamasaki, Amuro Namie, Genki Rockets, Johnny’s, Perfume, Tanaka Yasutaka, FUNKY MONKEY BABYS, Kana Nishino!!

[7] Under the Rainbow Flag -"Flags of Pride"-

The Rainbow Flag is a symbol of all sexual minorities. All of us will be holding a giant rainbow flag and walking in the parade. Let’s all enjoy this display of unity!

Ribbon light blue

[8] NSM48 Floats

This is a float from the group Nagoya Sexual Minority 48, shortened to NSM48! The NSM48 float will be using the music from the idol group AKB48 to help get this parade going! Even if you’re a little shy, come along and you’ll be having fun in no time ★

Ribbon green
Music Jampacked with tunes by 48 groups such as AKB48! Let’s walk and dance round Shibuya and Harajuku to the sound of 48, the pride of Japan! I want you!!


This a float from TOKYO GAY NIGHT, the largest event in Japan where gay men can come and meet each other, held on the first Saturday of every month at Shinjuku Christon Cafe. On the night of the Parade, Ageha is also putting on a show! Day and night, let’s all party!

Ribbon black

Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2012